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A secure and hassle-free anti-censorship tool

Freegate is one of the most useful anti-censorship software for Windows PCs. The program can be used to access websites and content in countries like Iran, China, and Cuba. The software has been developed by Dynaweb, and works in a similar manner to Spotflux, Freenet, and Your Freedom. It uses a P2P-like powerful proxy system network.

Freegate features two encrypted and secure tunnels, which are used to bypass the internet blockade set up in a range of censored countries. In case you’re traveling to a region with censorship restrictions, Freegate proves to be a good choice to access blocked content or websites. With this tool, you can even access YouTube, Facebook, and other social-sharing websites.

Get access to blocked websites and content

A lot of users struggle to bypass browsing restrictions. This happens in various regions around the world. At times, it can be annoying to go through a long list of restricted or blocked websites. With Freegate download, you can access all kinds of websites, thereby being assured of a simple way to bypass restrictions.

Freegate constantly scans for a range of proxy servers and connects the system to the fastest one available. In addition to this, it lets you choose a different proxy system network manually, just in case you experience issues with the default option.

While Freegate comes with a lot of useful features, one of them comes in handy to protect your privacy. In the ‘Settings’ tab, you can find an option to enable the feature to automatically clean your browsing history on exiting the program. 

What about the interface?

The anti-censorship software comes with a simple interface. It is easy to set up and doesn’t require much manual intervention to perform a range of functions. In simple terms, depending on your location, Freegate automatically detects the web browser you’re using and applies a set of pre-defined websites that are often blocked in specific countries.

The program comes with four tabs, which give detailed information about the connection. These include ‘Server’, ‘Status’, ‘Tunnel’, and ‘Settings’. The first tab, Server, gives information about the server you’re using in the proxy system network. It also lets you know the connection speed. The second tab, Status, informs you about the tunnel you’re using and shares detailed proxy settings. In addition to this, it gives you the option to turn off the software. The third tab lets you select the mode and tunnel. With the fourth tab, you can change certain aspects in Settings, such as browsing history, program settings, etc.

Unlike other similar tools, Freegate doesn’t need to be installed on the system. You only need to double-click the .exe file to get started. You can also set the program to hide in the system tray, making sure it doesn’t take space on the taskbar or desktop.

What about the operating modes?

As mentioned earlier, the anti-censorship software runs in two different operating modes. The Proxy mode automatically adjusts Internet Explorer’s proxy settings, which lets you access blocked websites by typing in the URL into the address bar. In case you’re using a different browser, you can manually change the web browser’s proxy settings.

With the Classic mode, you can avoid changing the program’s proxy settings. With this mode, you can access websites by launching Dynaweb’s homepage in the internet browser. However, some content may not be displayed correctly.

If you’re using anti-censorship software or Freegate download for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Having said that, the clean interface, a range of default settings, and relatively straightforward operation modes ensure hassle-free connections. If you’ve been looking for a way to get internet access to restricted content or websites, this platform is a great choice.

A good choice to get unrestricted access to websites

Without a doubt, Freegate is one of the most useful tools to access restricted content or websites. It can be used in countries or regions that often block content or impose geo-centric locations. 

However, it’s important to note that the tool could slow down the connection speed. If you don’t mind the minor speed drop, the easy-to-use navigation, simple interface, and a range of features will ensure a hassle-free connection.


  • Doesn’t need installation
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Features two operating modes


  • Can reduce connection speed

Older versions

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Freegate for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 7.90
  • 3.6
  • (473)
  • This file may have issues.

User reviews about Freegate

  • Mostafa Nourian

    by Mostafa Nourian

    I need to be supported by free information distributed..
    Freegate is aproxy that i can connect to free universal information and bypassing local filtration.


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